Added by on August 25, 2013

A Breathtaking Piano Piece – Jervy Hou

Sheet music available @: Performing an original of mine, “A Breathtaking Piano Piece.” LIKE ME:…

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  • dRuNkeNOwl 7 months ago

    thnx for sharing this with the world =)

  • Angeles Rodriguez 7 months ago

    Wow this was really cool! The song was lovely!!!!(: i wish i could play like him. It’d be really cool!!! (:

  • antilud 7 months ago


  • LOVING IT!!!!!!

  • Derekhalefan61 7 months ago

    Oh my god!!! :D  This is seriously the best piano song ever and you my friend have gotten yourself another subscriber! ;)

  • Alexa S 7 months ago

    Outrageously fantastic. Well done. Simply beautiful.! <3

  • girschwin 7 months ago

    nice one but not yours

  • lostcosmopolitan0 7 months ago

    fingers are loving dancing on the piano <3

  • Jane Wayne 7 months ago

    what the ****?! you play soooo good *-* its a dream your play is amazing.. i love it please more videos

  • kc elizabeth 7 months ago

    wooow you play amazing I love the that song its beautiful!!! where can I print the sheet music?

  • Danielle Gilstrap 7 months ago

    Simply. BEAUTIFUL! :’) 

  • Esteban Campos 7 months ago

    its in the discription where it says sheet music.

  • CraftForEver122 7 months ago

    Bueatifuly played . Make me feel so calm

  • SuperHungriestHippo 7 months ago

    From me. Send £20 now.

  • rmj2n 7 months ago

    Yup, completely different song. I made the mistake of buying it. He has another 5 song bundle available but no list of which songs are in that bundle. I sent him a message asking if this song was included and I got no response.

  • TheTweetydoo 7 months ago

    Really breathtaking!!!!!! Wow!!!!!

  • Ashiq Rafa 7 months ago

    Thank you so much

  • soaringlupine 7 months ago

    P.S. I would love to work with you, if the opportunity ever presented itself, as I am a vocalist.

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