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How to make your own FREE 24/7 Web Radio Station (with Radionomy) – PART 1 (HD)

VISIT: Ever wanted your own radio station? One that is on 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without you having to man it? Well he…

Bill Burr – 90′s Rock Music

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Baltimore Ravens vs. Cincinnati Bengals Live Stream: Watch Online Free 2013
Ravens' fans can find the list of radio stations in its affiliate network here, and online radio live streaming broadcast stations here. Bengals' fans can find the list of radio stations in its affiliate network here, and online radio live streaming …

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  • David Hedstrom 3 months ago

    can you please do a update 

  • SkyRider2011 3 months ago

    Hey nice tutorial:D but i have a problem…i made all things you say and do but i don’t know why it didn’t play my songs…i made planning and i have 6 songs(just for test.after ill put more)can you help me?give me a PM.Thanks for tutorial.

  • Ferdinand Mbecha 3 months ago

    Well, I followed this step but after the installation I still have the same error message as willymc1 above. I have even installed 2008 and 2012 versions but the error report stays the same when I lunch the radio manager. I would be grateful for any tips. Really getting frustrated. Thanks

  • Christopher Cottes 3 months ago

    There have been so many changes since your video was made, I like your system much better, I am 7 hours into and I am still not set up, as far as i can tell radionomy is very poorly done, instructions if you can find any are very poor.

  • Tahseen Hisbani 3 months ago


  • cooper roberts 3 months ago

    Can the PC be off and still transmit?

  • Judah White 3 months ago

    Can you broadcast live speech?

  • satyam phulchand 3 months ago

    soo this dont work on mac ;(

  • tycho012345 3 months ago

    You can buy a pc for al your server (mc server,radio server and aders

  • jejade3 3 months ago

    I had a good radio station 24/7 and payed like £25 a month for it. It Was an entire internet industry. had its own FB Community page/hangout And tinychat with a good calendar and my page had like 10k likes. i had a mc/terraria/and habbo retro servers. they were all portforward and 24/7. then I got hacked. My whole **** got closed. Like this comment if u know it. BoyceCraft. Boyce world. BoyceCommunity. Boyce Fm” etc.

  • MrProultimategamer 3 months ago

    awsome love it

  • AJ2756 3 months ago

    Sort your mic out bro ;]

  • madsmartapple 3 months ago

    @123123jerful yup

  • Ikeashia Barr 3 months ago

    @iKamilToe GOOD QUESTION

  • CarpentersBrother 3 months ago

    Have you figured out how to avoid getting hacked? I think any info on that would be helpful if you have any tips. Thanks

  • TaylorMadeTuts 3 months ago

    @iwonalvl138 Hi Mick, I can try but cant promise unfortunetly :/ I’ll need to know a few things in order to understand and help: – When you say “last part” do you mean last part of downloading or last part of installing? (I can download it fine) – “It comes (up) with error”? What exactly does it say? – What operating system are you using? With that I might have an idea but I cannot understand why it wouldn’t work either way. Best of luck to you in the meantime, TaylorMade Tuts

  • TaylorMadeTuts 3 months ago

    @iwonalvl138 sorry i have been away all day. just got in. Oh yes i had this, basically the Microsoft SQL Server allows your home computer there to connect to a server (ie the Radionomy server) across the globe. You will need that installed but it came with my instalation as you say. Don’t worry that is perfectly fine just install it. TaylorMade Tuts ッ

  • RoachSanderson 3 months ago

    The Program Closed Due A Fatal Error…. please help me….

  • officialz100fm 3 months ago


  • MidwesternWhisper 3 months ago

    100 hours a day?

  • xMassive1 3 months ago

    I want to broadcast with Virtual Dj, so I need the stream details, do you know where I can find them?

  • rocknmetaldisciples 3 months ago

    Could you play what your playing on Radionomy and play it on an FM frequency at the same time???????

  • KappySlop 3 months ago

    thx bro .. its ezey to use then this one from the vid :D

  • yunikG 3 months ago

    ya can u broadcast by virtual dj? :D

  • 101AOK 3 months ago

    How about an updated version? Nice demo but PLEASE dump the delay on your voice. Toooo much echo delay. Not pro sounding at all. Just because you have FX doesn’t mean you should always use them. Good info on your presentation. Hope you are doing great in this venture.

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