Added by on September 22, 2013

Advanced Jazz Dance Moves : Latin Jazz Dance: Latin Jazz Dancing Jumps

Latin jazz dancing jumps include the calypso and the double tuck, both of which require both legs to bend while in the air. Jump off of both feet to complete…

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  • Aruna Advaney 6 months ago

    What? I thought there were 11 in this series and I saw all of them. I haven’t seen this one. How many are there?

  • Raluu :3 6 months ago

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  • newcreate3 6 months ago

    Me=0 , Gravity=1

  • tessandashlee1234 6 months ago

    Isn’t that a double stag?

  • Kuchiyuki 6 months ago

    There are different names for it.

  • Kuchiyuki 6 months ago

    I usually call the second one an axle and the first a stag.

  • oXSophie LouiseXo 6 months ago

    Wow they advanced moves-made-easy!!

  • misscuppartee 6 months ago

    how was she doing them i slow motion defying gravity or what?

  • misscuppartee 6 months ago

    those saying she’s chubby! its called being muscular you *****.

  • misscuppartee 6 months ago

    you do it so effortlessly when i tried it i almost broke my back! -.-

  • american102yobduh 6 months ago

    the second one is called an axle!

  • american102yobduh 6 months ago

    thats a stag jump! stupid!

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