Added by on August 6, 2013

Forte “Singing Group” America’s Got Talent 2013

Forte “Singing Group” ( Audition ) June 25 2013.

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  • Juan Herrera 8 months ago

    cool guys 

  • Michel Naud 8 months ago

    What happéned to thé koreanGuy.

  • Angel Velez Colon 8 months ago

    I have never heard anything like this in my entire life, especially when they have not been together for that long and to sound that proffesional. Kudos I wish they would win so I can make a trip to Las Vegas just to watch them.

  • Josiah Marihugh 8 months ago

    I want them to win So BAD.

  • 1960laguna1 8 months ago

    bravo unos profesionales

  • isabel Garcia 8 months ago

    woooooww that was fantastic…. Sono senza parole…. 

  • aya mâdi 8 months ago

    I got tears in my eyes! u guys are awesome! Next Il Divo !

  • Dis1chick27 8 months ago

    1:53 Not a joke now huh?

  • LizMcQ7 8 months ago


  • JOE SMITH 8 months ago

    TY emgo…. Don’t have much time for much tv now… If it weren’t for you I would have missed this… Hope you follow the show and post future performances

  • Robert Martin 8 months ago

    I can’t believe there are people that voted no. I would hate to see who they think is good.

  • Aliyahh Primeaux 8 months ago

    The ***** at 1:54 -.-

  • andres M. 8 months ago

    A Young Man From the Audience Sings With Josh Groban – And Sounds JUST Like Him! 

  • blizzrd24 8 months ago

    the only joke is that chicks life. These guys killed it.

  • SCHLAGER UNS 8 months ago

    ******* ***** @ 1:53

  • mrjasperiffics 8 months ago

    Check this out guys! The white guy in Forte, the New Yorker sings with Josh Groban when he was 21! Search this up! Josh Groban & Josh Page – The Prayer

  • TheatreofSymphony 8 months ago

    These guys should experiment with other genres too… like Sarah Brightman did

  • Deceptiking01 8 months ago

    They win!

  • ruadhrose 8 months ago

    It’s been a while since I have gotten goosebumps from hearing a group like this sing. Goosebumps and tears. Beautiful.

  • ruadhrose 8 months ago

    I have found that usually the people who come in 2nd, 3rd, tend to actually do better professionally than the winners. Look at American Idol. How often does the winner really get well known….I guess sometimes it pays more to not win!

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